When rescuing someone at sea time is everything. The faster you can get them out, the better your chances of recovering them alive.

We provide new links in the rescue chain to find, recover and protect persons in distress, without putting rescuers in harm's way.



JAN 22

Zelim featured in MASSWorld. News top 5 most funded USV developers in 2021

NOV 21

Team expands to 12. Paul Miller and Emily Takeva, join the development team building our casualty detection system 

OCT 21

Zelim commercialisation journey case study published on ORE Catapult website.

SEP 21

Zelim announce partnership with naval architects, Chartwell Marine. Featured in the Scotsman. 


AUG 21

Completion of independent offshore human trials of the Rescue Conveyor with Seaspeed Marine .

JUL 21

Zelim supported by trio of offshore wind farm developers to bring the technology to market. 

JUN 21

£1.9m Innovate UK grant funded project kicked off to test and demonstrate a full scale unmanned rescue vessel.

MAY 21

Awarded funding for  development of unmanned rescue vessel (URV), as part of UK Research and Innovation's 'Robots for a Safer World' Challenge.


MAR 21

Successful completion of resistance, propulsion, manoeuvring, directional and dynamic stability trials at QinetiQ Haslar Ocean Basin.

JAN 21

Awarded Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) funding to develop AI enabled casualty detection technology

NOV 20

Successful conclusion of free fall vessel testing (scaled to 25m in Sea State 6) at QinetiQ Haslar Ocean Basin

OCT 20

Worlds first unmanned casualty recovery performed in open water (conducted under MASS Code of Practice)