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We are revolutionising maritime safety through innovative smart systems. We are building an exceptional team with diverse skillsets and working with world leading partners to make it happen.


Stewart Gregory


Former Vice President for Innovation & New Product Development at Survitec, who took the Seahaven cruise ship life raft from concept to commercial product. Stewart has been brought in to commercially rollout Zelim’s lifesaving product suite.

Sam Mayall


Spent his working life as a mariner, from sailing dinghy’s to 40,000 ton ships. Sam’s seen his fair share of emergencies at sea and was the man who came up with the idea of unmanned rescue.

Doug Lothian


A former partner at an investment firm Doug has brought to market innovative IT products in a highly regulated market, but Doug’s real passion is boats and playing with drones.

Alan Gilbert


Alan is an experienced CFO who has spent much of his career working in the maritime technology sector. Alan joined Zelim in 2023 to support the companies growth ambitions.

Pete Lloyd MBE

Director of Search and Rescue

Pete is Mr Search and Rescue, with 32 years of experience as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the RAF, as Squadron Commander and Chief of Staff of the SAR Force. He went on to become Global Head of Health & Safety at Siemens and helped the offshore wind industry develop its guidance for emergency response through the G+.

Andy Tipping

Head of Commercial

8 years in offshore wind business development and technology commercialisation, founding the industry’s first accelerator programme, the Launch Academy. He also spends most of his free time in the sea.

Laura Tognarelli

Engineering Project Manager

A former Army Engineering Officer, Laura has experience working across a variety of engineering disciplines and platforms, including looking after the Apache helicopter fleet. She’s now managing the delivery of our first rescue vessel the Guardian.

Our Partners

We are working with world leading experts in their respective field to develop best in class solutions for search and rescue.

Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Supporting high growth companies in the UK offshore wind supply chain. Zelim have been supported by OWGP with two industry backed grants to develop and commercialise the technology for the offshore wind industry.

US Coast Guard

Zelim and the US Coastguard have entered a collaborative partnership to jointly explore the potential application and effectiveness of AI-enabled detection and tracking technology in search and rescue.

Chartwell Marine

Leading naval architect responsible for the design of Zelim’s unmanned rescue vessel

Teledyne Flirr

World leading sensor provider, partnering in the development of the casualty detection system.

Saviour Medical

Leading specialist in marine rescue and clinical governance, partnering on the development of the casualty handling elements of our technology solutions.

ORE Catapult

The UK’s flagship technology and innovation centre for offshore renewables. ORE Catapult have been providing testing and engineering support