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With growing demand for energy, offshore energy installations are being built in evermore remote/ challenging locations, posing significant challenges to search and rescue.

Increasing global tensions place an ever greater emphasis on the security of critical energy infrastructure.

Zelim provide smart technology solutions to improve your chances of a fast and successful man overboard recovery and early security threat detection.


How do you know when someone has fallen overboard? How will you find them if you don’t know where to start looking? What if the weather is against you?

ZOE provides instantaneous detection and alerting of crew who fall overboard, tracking them through the fall and on the sea surface. ZOE provides the geo-location of the person in water to support rescue co-ordination, effectively taking the search out of search and rescue

Developed in collaboration with the US Coast Guard ZOE improves the probability of detection, with an objectively measured detection performance of 96.8% accuracy for man overboard from 337 metres. When optical zoom is applied the distance increases.


ZOE is your intelligent safety zone monitoring tool, providing detection, tracking and alerting of people/ objects passing through your customisable security perimeter. You draw the line, ZOE keeps watch, providing instantaneous alerts for breaches.
With slew to cue and intelligent tracking, ZOE keeps eyes on unwanted safety zone intrusions, whilst providing geo-location information of the person/ object in the water to decision makers.


ZOE provides fully customisable red zone monitoring, keeping people safe with instantaneous detection and alerting for any incursions into Red Zones. You draw the lines, ZOE keeps watch, providing an additional layer of safety assurance.



Always on watch, ZOE provides consistently accurate detection, tracking and alerting for man overboard incidents, security and safety. Detecting people/ objects on the sea surface, ZOE provides their geo-location, removing the need for a search. Customisable alerting gives decision makers the actionable information they need, when they need it.


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Fast, safe man overboard rescue conveyor. Developed by experienced operational search and rescue personnel the Swift reduces the time to recover from the sea surface and the risk of injury during rescue. Can be fitted to Crew Transfer Vessels, Close Standby Vessels and Daughter craft, providing a rapid man overboard recovery capability.


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Removing human limitations and keeping rescuers out of harm’s way. Zelim’s remotely operated rescue vessels are capable of unmanned recovery of both conscious and unconscious casualties. With instantaneous launch capability from a vessel or offshore asset and a transit speed of 35Knots, our URVs will be first to arrive on scene, cutting down the time to rescue.


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