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Rapid mass casualty overboard recovery


Fast, smooth overboard recovery solution capable of rapid mass casualty rescue during major incidents.

Our patented rescue conveyor recovers people, whether conscious or unconscious, in any orientation in less than 10 seconds. Developed by experienced operational search and rescue personnel the Swift reduces the risk of injury during rescue.

Tested up to Sea State 4/5 in 46 knot winds.

Rapidly deployable, the Swift is operated by a single button. There is a manual backup should the vessel’s power be unavailable. It can be incorporated into the design of a new vessel or retrofitted providing an enhanced rescue capability. 

Installation is less than 1 day, either off the side or the stern. The standard operating procedure is the same as existing overboard recovery solutions, the casualty is brought alongside the vessel and manoeuvred into position in front of the Swift conveyor using a boat hook.

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